Before they were famous writers…

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Ever feel that your craft is being sacrificed for your paying gig?

I hope there have been times when you look around your workplace and think: this would be an excellent short story. Or when you overhear a conversation in the lunch room, at the vending machine or across the bar that says, put my words in your character’s mouth!

But I’m certain that you – like me – have moments when you think what you’d really like to do is just write. No boss, no shifts, no emails, no meetings, no clients, no customers, no invoices. Just words on the page.

For those of us who’d love to give up the day job and just focus on the writing, there’s Days of Yore, featuring interviews with writers about “the salad days,” before their name appeared on the New York Times bestseller list, before they were published in 12 languages, before their six-part series was optioned by Netflix. You know, when they were like the rest of us: slinging drinks, waiting tables or churning out copy for clients.

This one, with Jennifer Egan of “A Visit from the Goon Squad,” is one of my favourites.

(Photo courtesy of Rhianon Lassila)

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